MORGAN, a calculated, magnetic phenom of an emcee, trailblazing in the footsteps of Hip Hop’s revered greats is not only a viable participant in DC’s overflowing indie music community, but is also the CEO of FM Media Group, creating the company in 2009 to provide professional level artistic work to clients, as well as provide additional opportunities for exposure to fellow artists and musicians.

By far one of the most humble people you will ever meet, Morgan is a 26 year old female hip hop artist from Washington, DC.  A self-proclaimed “lyrical poet", MORGAN looks towards the infamous greats for inspiration, but does not rely on their sound to create her own. “I have artists that I look up to and I plan to be better than them; Or at least respected enough to stand next to them." Morgan is a calculated, magnetic phenom of an emcee, trailblazing in the footsteps of Hip Hop’s revered greats, she is nothing short of avant-garde, challenging the status quo and pushing forth in an industry that considers her second to her male counterparts. She’s been described as an electric, mesmerizing, intelligent female emcee. If you asked her opinion of how she views herself, she simply states, “ I'm a musician. I don't just rap. I love music. I love the artistry in itself. And don't call me a femcee, don't box me in.” After every show she leaves supporters and newcomers alike pleased and excited by her performance and the refreshing guttural "realness" of her sound and lyricism. MORGAN has undoubtedly prepared herself for the next step in her journey. Cradling a keen sense of self, an unnaturally gritty approach and bare-bones delivery, MORGAN is most certainly NOT your average chick...no matter how unhumble that sounds.  MORGAN is here...and definitely to stay. 




"Running Red Lights proves that Mina will not let her past dictate her future. The content is truly supreme on this project..." -- Praverb.Net

"After years of playing this album, ...the world finally gets to hear... and share with me an appreciation for a truly talented individual. -- Dart Adams, Bloggerhouse/ Producers I Know

Executively produced by hip hop phenoms Tef Wesley and Michael "ST/MiC" Moxham, Running Red Lights blurs genre lines by infusing the fundamentals of Hip Hop, Soul, and Jazz weaved with the heartfelt songwriting elements of Indie Folk. I encourage you to share this unique music experience by purchasing your copy today!

Watch this exclusive video from Mina off her NEW ALBUM 

Bossladys Review:

The Intro...Running Red Lights sets off the precedent to what I know will be a successful album. Ladies this is YOUR ANTHEM!!

My favorites tracks on the album are "Hello" which happens to be about Mina's daughter, for my ladies listen to "Nameless" "Circle Games" and "I'm Tired". "The Chase" reminds me of a Tribe Called Quest tempo...I felt like rockin' my head to side ;)
I usually pick one song that becomes my number one...but Mina brought the damn thing to the table and I had to choose two."Anything" tops my favorite list, featuring Tef Wesley and ST/MIC it gives off the Neo-Soul vibe and the production made the song something to dance to, rock to, and snap your fingers to!!!  "Tomorrow" is the sweetest melody and a wonderful way to end the album on. AWESOME WORK MINA!!